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When facing criminal charges in Anaheim, CA, it is essential to seek immediate legal help. At the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia, we understand the potential repercussions a criminal defendant can face.

When someone is charged with a crime, if they are convicted, the potential for fines, time in jail or prison, or probation are all potential outcomes. Fighting a criminal charge in Anaheim requires a top-notch Anaheim criminal defense lawyer who understands how the criminal defense system works, the possible outcomes of charges, and how to best defend against any charges someone is facing.

An Anaheim Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You Fight Your Charges

Criminal defense lawyer help you fight any charge

Someone facing a minor charge often believes they can defend themselves in court. This is always a bad idea. It is important to remember that you will be facing not only a judge but an experienced prosecutor with knowledge of California's laws. A prosecutor's goal is always to ensure they secure a guilty verdict.

Whether you are facing a misdemeanor or a felony charge or have learned you are the target of a police investigation, contact the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia immediately. We understand the stakes of criminal charges and can help protect your rights throughout the process.

California’s Three Strikes Law

California's three strikes law complicates all serious or violent felony charges. Anyone who has previously faced and been convicted of two felony charges for a serious or violent crime could face up to 25 years in state prison. This fact alone should encourage anyone facing a criminal charge to contact our Anaheim criminal defense lawyer at the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia.

Our goal is simple — to attempt to work towards the best possible outcome based on the specifics of your case and preserve your freedom whenever possible.

The Criminal Court Process

The criminal court process

Every jurisdiction similarly handles criminal cases. Investigations are conducted, arraignments are set, and defendants are arrested.

When a defendant hires an Anaheim criminal defense lawyer, they can feel confident their attorney will be working tirelessly to have the charges against them reduced or dropped. The goal of a criminal defense attorney is to ensure a defendant has a rigorous defense mounted on their behalf.

The Arraignment

An arraignment is your first opportunity to stand before a judge. At this stage, you will hear what charges you are facing. Defendants will be asked to enter a plea that may be guilty, not guilty, or no contest. A sentencing hearing will occur in case of a guilty or no-contest plea. When a defendant pleads no guilty, the case will move forward through the court system.

Additionally, at arraignment, there may be a determination about bail. Some of the potential outcomes include:

  • Released on recognizance. When a judge feels you will be able and willing to return for scheduled court dates, no bail may be set.
  • Paying bail before release. Sometimes, a judge may order a bail amount to be paid before release. The amount is usually in line with the severity of the defendant's charges.
  • Held without bail. This type of finding is generally reserved for very serious crimes such as capital crimes.

At the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia, our goal will always be to get a defendant released on their own recognizance or for as little bail as possible.

The Arrest

The arrest

Typically, law enforcement officers will conduct a thorough investigation to ensure they have probable cause to suspect a crime has been committed. Once probable cause has been established, a suspect is arrested, taken into custody, and typically taken into the police station. This step may precede an arraignment in some cases.

At this stage, a suspect can contact an experienced criminal defense attorney and should exercise that right.

The Jury Trial

People accused of crimes have the right to face a jury of their peers. Defendants should know that not every criminal charge will result in a jury trial. There are other options when someone is facing an Anaheim criminal charge, including plea deals. Our criminal defense attorney at the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia can advise each client about what options are open to them based on the specifics of their case.

The Preliminary Hearing

The preliminary hearing

Preliminary hearings are where a grand jury hears about a defendant's charges. At this stage, a criminal defense attorney and the defendant can hear what evidence indicates they may be guilty of a criminal offense in Anaheim.

We can often present arguments about why certain evidence be excluded and not be used against you at this stage. It is also possible for us to argue that the evidence is not strong enough to warrant the charges you are facing.

What to Do if You Face Criminal Charges in Anaheim

If you have been under investigation or are facing arrest on a criminal charge, you should do three important things.

  • Be respectful. Do not argue with the police officers or resist going with them. Remember, they are acting on the information you may not know. Arguing or resisting could result in your facing additional charges.
  • Remain silent. The police should have issued you a Miranda Warning. Take this warning seriously because anything you do say can be used against you later. This includes discussing charges, victims where applicable, and any specific crime.
  • Contact an Anaheim criminal defense attorney. Contacting an attorney immediately upon your arrest is very helpful for your case. This step allows the lawyer to control what is being said about your case and ensures your rights are protected.

Hiring an Anaheim criminal defense lawyer immediately after being informed about potential charges or being arrested is necessary to preserve your options.

Our Criminal Defense Practice Areas

At the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia, we help defendants facing misdemeanor and felony charges. These charges may include drug crimes, violent crimes, property theft, domestic violence charges, vandalism charges, or driving under the influence.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence

These charges should never be taken lightly. Some of the reasons why you need a criminal defense attorney when facing a domestic violence charge include the following:

  • Judges may be bound by mandatory prison terms;
  • Defendants could face loss of custody of minor children;
  • Defendants could have a restraining order placed against them which can hinder movement;
  • Defendants may lose the right to own or possess a firearm; and
  • A conviction will result in a permanent criminal record.

The domestic violence statutes in California are broad, and the more serious the charge, the steeper the penalties someone faces after a conviction.

Drug Crimes

Drug laws appear to get more confusing all the time. With the legalization of marijuana for both medicinal and recreational use, users are still restricted. This includes the amount of the drug a person may carry. Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately if you are facing a drug charge in Anaheim. 

Remember, in some cases, drug charges could be state or federal, and an Anaheim criminal defense attorney can help you understand your legal rights and options.

Driving Under the Influence (DUI)

Driving under the influence

When you are charged with a DUI crime, it may be for drugs or alcohol. DUI charges are serious. However, your Anaheim criminal defense lawyer can fight the charges against you, including challenging the results of a blood alcohol test. In some cases, it may be possible to have the charges reduced or dropped.

Violent Crimes

Defendants facing a violent crime charge need to take the charges seriously. In many cases, a criminal defense attorney can work on getting evidence against a defendant thrown out. This may help mitigate the charges or result in the charges being dismissed completely.

At the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia, we will review all the evidence against you and determine the best way to mount a defense. Call us immediately if you are facing a violent crime charge.

Theft Crimes

Theft crimes

The Law Offices of Frances Prizzia handles many theft crimes, from petty theft to grand theft auto. Remember, prosecutors in California take theft charges very seriously, and the penalties could be severe. 

California punishes theft crimes heavily, and defendants need a strong defense. Theft in which the value of a property is in excess of $950 is considered grand theft.

What Your Anaheim Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Do for You

When you work with an Anaheim criminal defense attorney, their primary purpose is to vigorously defend you against whatever charges you are facing. Some of the ways they can help include:

Legal Interviews

Interviewing witnesses is a way to provide evidence that exonerates you after being charged with a crime. Prosecutors will have witnesses who support their claims about a crime being committed, but your lawyer can also interview them to determine what they plan to state in court. Thanks to years of experience, we know what questions to ask to ensure that everything possible to be used on a defendant's behalf is brought forward.

Police Investigations 

Police investigation

Our Anaheim criminal defense lawyers will carefully review all evidence that the police have to support the charges which you are facing. Through the discovery process, we can evaluate how the police investigation was handled. If we find anything irregular in the investigation, we can request the evidence be thrown out.

Should we have evidence disqualified for use, we may be able to have your case dismissed, and therefore, the charges against you will be dismissed.

Plea Bargains

At the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia, we will work to determine if a plea bargain is worth considering in your case. In some instances, we may be able to have a felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor charge. Another option is to offer an alternative to jail time. Either way, your Anaheim criminal defense lawyer will work hard to mitigate the charges you face or the penalty for the crimes.

Your Trial

Your trial

While not every criminal charge winds up in a trial, criminal defendants are entitled to have their case heard by a jury of their peers. Criminal defense attorneys in Anaheim, CA, who have experience handling jury trials, will ensure your side is fully explained to the jury before they are asked to render a verdict.

The Law Offices of Frances Prizzia will also be prepared to cross-examine any witnesses presented by the prosecutor and ensure you are prepared to defend yourself if needed. We will also ensure we have witnesses supporting your side of the story as needed.

Speak With an Anaheim Criminal Defense Attorney at the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia for an Initial Consultation

Criminal defense attorney

At the Law Offices of Frances Prizzia, our top priority is to help you solve the legal issues you face because of criminal charges. We are here for you from the start of the process until all avenues of the legal process have been exhausted. We will do everything in our power to protect you against legal threats.

Call our Anaheim criminal defense lawyers at (888) 925-2727 today or use our online contact form to arrange a free consultation.

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