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  • America on the Brink
    America on the Brink

    The events at the Capitol last month were one of the lowest moments in the history of this country, certainly the lowest I have ever witnessed in my lifetime. It seems most media has settled on ...

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  • Looking Back on 2020
    Looking Back on 2020

    Happy holidays and a happy New Year to everyone. This last year certainly feels like we packed about a decade into 12 months. Even if you leave out the pandemic, it feels as if our world has undergone ...

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  • George Gascon's Reform Announcements
    George Gascon's Reform Announcements

    On December 7 th , George Gascon was sworn in as the 43 rd District Attorney of Los Angeles. While Gascon campaigned on a progressive platform and brought his reputation as a reformer during his time ...

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  • Kamala Harris
    Kamala Harris

    Okay, I know I said I would just write about the elections that impacted criminal justice, but the Presidential, and more specifically, the Vice Presidential election really do fall into that category ...

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  • Criminal Justice Election Recap
    Criminal Justice Election Recap

    Election day 2020 was a mixed bag, but obviously the biggest prize was won. We will finally be rid of this national shame in the White House. As usual, you can find lots written about the Presidential ...

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  • COVID and the Courts
    COVID and the Courts

    The COVID-19 pandemic is creating an absolutely unprecedented crisis in the criminal justice system. Across California, courts have largely responded by limiting access to the courts, delaying trials ...

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