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Understanding Restraining Orders

Have you been issued a restraining order in Irvine? A restraining order is issued by the court of law, usually when someone feels intimidated by another person, believing that person can cause them harm. These orders are often associated with violent crimes charges, and can take away visiting and communication rights from the person who has been issued the restraining order. A well-planned defense is your best hope against a restraining order.

Domestic violence is the number one reason restraining orders are issued. A restraining order forbids the person accused of violence from visiting the victim or contacting them at home, at his or her workplace, or elsewhere. If you or a loved one has been issued a restraining order in Orange County, you need to speak with our criminal defense attorney for the best chance of clearing your name.

How Restraining Orders can Affect You

Being issued a restraining order can lead to severe complications in your personal life. A restraining order may be issued by a person seeking revenge. By falsely accusing the other person, they may attempt to take away their visitation rights. Restraining orders can destroy relationships, especially if children are involved.

Once served with such an order you may not be able to get in touch with your child if your spouse has lodged the complaint resulting in the restraining order. A situation such as this usually arises when divorce is being considered and the children are under the spouse's custody.

Consequences of Violating Your Orders

If you have been issued restraining orders, the most important thing you can do is avoid violating your orders at all cost. This can help strengthen your defense in the long run and, of course, protect you from the consequences of a violation. If you do happen to violate your orders, you may face anything from fines to jail time.

Common penalties for violating restraining orders include:

  • A minimum of $1,000 in fines
  • Jail time of 1 year (for a misdemeanor violation)
  • Prison time totaling 2-3 years (for a felony violation)
  • Loss of access to firearms
  • Loss of custody

Even if you have been issued a restraining order because of a false accusation, you should never assume that you are out of the woods until a decision has been reached by the court. This is the best way you can contribute to your own defense and improve the odds of a successful hearing. Contact an attorney from our Irvine office to learn more about your options after being issued a restraining order.

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