Orange County Indecent Exposure Lawyer

Orange County indecent exposure lawyer

Facing criminal charges is always stressful; however, if you are facing indecent exposure charges, you need a strong criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

At Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers, we know that allegations of aggravated indecent exposure are always serious. An indecent exposure conviction could change your life forever. Our law office prioritizes your rights, regardless of whether you face misdemeanor or felony indecent exposure charges.

Our Orange County criminal lawyer will do everything possible to create reasonable doubt surrounding your charges. Learn more about indecent exposure charges below, and then contact us for a case consultation.

Our Orange County Indecent Exposure Lawyer Defends Your Rights

Our Orange County indecent exposure lawyer defends your rights

If you are facing felony or misdemeanor charges related to sex crimes, you need a strong criminal defense lawyer now. The consequences of a sex crime conviction can change your life forever.

We understand these cases' sensitive nature and prioritize your legal defense and well-being. It would help if you had a guide as the legal process unfolds. We will let you know your options and ensure you understand how to act in your best interests.

Proving a case of indecent exposure is not easy. Many elements are involved; however, you need an effective defense to attack these charges from all sides.

At Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers, we leave no stone unturned as we pursue your defense. Contact us now to ensure you have the strongest defense possible.

Indecent Exposure in California: What Is Needed To Be Charged?

According to the California penal code, three criteria must be fulfilled for an individual to be charged with indecent exposure:

  • An individual intentionally exposed themselves or their genitals.
  • The exposure took place in a public area or an establishment.
  • Exposure intended to draw the attention of the public to your genitals or stimulate personal or third-party arousal.

Indecent exposure doesn't normally result in a felony charge. The worst punishment that can stem from this act is mandatory registration as a sex offender. The details of your case play a very large role in this.

The audience that saw you expose yourself, the actual location of the crime, and your gestures often weigh heavily on the severity of your punishments. An Orange County criminal defense attorney can provide you with professional legal representation if you have been charged with indecent exposure.

Potential Consequences of an Indecent Exposure Conviction

Potential consequences of an indecent exposure conviction

Being convicted of indecent exposure in California can lead to some serious penalties. According to California Penal Code 314, someone found guilty of a first offense could face up to a year in county jail and a fine of up to $1,000 or up to 3 years in prison and more severe fines depending on where the act occurred. 

For subsequent offenses, the punishment can be harsher, possibly resulting in a longer county prison sentence of up to 3 years. This charge can also lead to being registered as a sex offender, depending on the circumstances of the case.

The requirement to register as a sex offender, even for a minimum of 10 years, dramatically impacts one's life. This registration is public, meaning anyone can find out about the conviction. It can limit where you can live and work, making it challenging to find employment and housing. The social stigma attached to this registry can strain personal relationships and community standing.

The Impact on Personal and Professional Life

A conviction for indecent exposure doesn't just affect your legal record; it can turn your personal life upside down. Friends and family may distance themselves, and the strain on relationships can be substantial. The public nature of sex offender registration can lead to social isolation. Rebuilding one's reputation and personal relationships after such a conviction is an uphill battle.

Professionally, the consequences are equally severe. Many employers conduct background checks, and a conviction for indecent exposure can make it difficult to secure a job.

Careers requiring licensing or certification, especially those working with children, might no longer be options. The long-term professional repercussions can affect one's financial stability and career trajectory, often requiring a complete career change.

What Should You Do If Charged With Indecent Exposure?

  1. Contact a criminal defense attorney immediately. An experienced lawyer can guide you through the legal process and protect your rights. Only discuss the case with someone else once you have legal representation.
  2. Do not speak to law enforcement without your attorney present. Anything you say can be used against you in court. Let your lawyer do the talking to avoid incriminating yourself.
  3. Gather any evidence that supports your defense. This can include clothing you wore at the time, photographs of the location, and witness statements.
  4. Stay off social media. Do not post anything related to your case online. Prosecutors can use social media posts as evidence.
  5. Follow all court orders and bail conditions. Attending all court dates and adhering to bail conditions is essential. Failing to do so can result in additional charges.
  6. Consider the long-term implications of a plea deal. Before accepting any plea deal, understand how it might affect your life, including potential sex offender registration.
  7. Prepare for the emotional impact. Facing criminal charges is stressful. To manage the stress, seek support from friends, family, or professional counselors.

Key Defense Strategies Against Indecent Exposure Charges

Key defense strategies against indecent exposure charges

We may use several defense strategies to form a strong defense against these charges. They include:

Lack of Intent

For a conviction, the prosecution must prove you intentionally exposed yourself to someone who might be offended. Your attorney could argue there was no criminal intent if it was accidental or not intended to be seen.

Mistaken Identity

Sometimes, the person accusing you might have identified the wrong individual. Your lawyer can present evidence that you were not at the scene or could not have been the person involved.

Insufficient Evidence

A defense strategy might involve showing that the prosecution's evidence is too weak to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. This could include questioning the credibility of witnesses or the lack of physical evidence.

Constitutional Violations

If the police violated your rights during the arrest or investigation, evidence gathered during that time might be inadmissible in court. This can include illegal searches or failure to read Miranda rights.

The Act Was Not Public

Indecent exposure requires the act to be in a public place or visible. If the act occurred privately, this defense could be used to argue against the charges.

Should You Take a Plea Bargain?

Taking a plea bargain might seem like a quick way to resolve your case, but it's essential to consider the long-term consequences.

A plea to a lesser charge can still result in a criminal record and possibly sex offender registration. Your attorney can help you understand the implications of a plea deal and whether it's in your best interest based on the evidence and potential for a conviction.

Before accepting any plea, consider how it will affect your personal and professional life. Plea deals are legally binding once accepted, and withdrawing them is challenging. Always make this decision with thorough advice from your lawyer, who understands your case's specifics and the legal system.

Can You Get My Case Dismissed?

Having your case dismissed is ideal, but it depends on the strength of the prosecution's case against you and your attorney's defense strategies.

If there's substantial evidence proving your innocence or considerable procedural errors made by law enforcement, dismissal becomes more likely. Your lawyer will work to uncover any factor that could lead to a dismissal, such as violations of your rights or unreliable evidence of the alleged crime. California indecent exposure cases are not always straightforward.

A case dismissal means you won't face trial, and the charges will be dropped. However, achieving this outcome often requires a thorough investigation, negotiation with prosecutors, and strong legal arguments.

It's a process where the expertise of a seasoned criminal defense attorney is invaluable. You must contact us as soon as possible to schedule your case review.

Contact Our Orange County Indecent Exposure Lawyer for Your Indecent Exposure Defense

Contact our Orange County indecent exposure lawyer for your indecent exposure defense

Are you searching for a lawyer for indecent exposure in Orange County? The Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers takes a hands-on approach when representing clients. Personal communication is essential in a legal relationship.

You need to do everything you can to elude a sex offender registration. This punishment can deter your ability to secure an adequate loan, mortgage, car, home, or job. Sex offenders are frowned upon by most employers and financial professionals. We always pursue a settlement out of court to save your reputation and finances.

You need to contact an experienced law firm right now to save yourself from the lifelong struggle of a poor record. Our firm can help you through this difficult time. Each client we represent is very important to us.

We can review your case together to establish a well-versed legal plan and course of action. Attorney Frances Prizzia is happy to take legal action on your behalf by pursuing a negotiated relief or an aggressive defense in court.

Contact our Orange County sex crimes attorney if you have been charged with indecent exposure and need skilled representation. Let us defend your rights.

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