Orange County Probation Violation Attorney

Orange County probation violation attorney

Criminal charges are serious, and nobody wants to go to jail. Fortunately, some people convicted of a criminal offense in Orange County are granted probation instead of a jail or prison sentence. But what happens if you are accused of violating probation? It would help if you had our law offices to defend you.

An alleged probation violation is always serious. You could lose your probationary sentence and face a prison or jail sentence.

At Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers, our experienced criminal defense attorney can defend your rights and fight to protect your probation sentence. Learn more about what to do if a probation violation occurs. Then, contact us for a case consultation.

Our Orange County Probation Violation Attorney Will Fight for Your Rights

Our Orange County probation violation attorney will fight for your rights

Are you facing a probation violation? Probation is when the court tests and supervises your behavior to see if you act as a law-abiding citizen. During this time, you will be held to strict rules and regulations.

If you fail to meet the terms and conditions set forth, they may be able to revoke the probation part of your sentence. This means that you could spend the remainder of your sentence incarcerated.

Accused Of Violating Probation?

Many different misdemeanor and felony crimes lead to a probationary sentence, a privilege not given to all convicted offenders. Judges often opt to have offenders serve out probation and serve another year in jail or prison as long as the individual abides by the rules.

You must attend a probation revocation hearing if you have been accused of violating your probation. To win over the judge at your hearing, you will need the assistance of an Orange County criminal defense attorney from our firm.


In the state of California, defendants who are convicted of violent crimes such as rape, burglary, kidnapping, or murder, will usually not be eligible for probation. When someone is permitted to serve misdemeanor probation, they are not required to meet with a probation officer.

Rather, you could be asked to have periodic progress reports when you appear in court to check-in. In most misdemeanor cases, probation lasts anywhere from one to three years, five years in more severe cases.

Every criminal case is different because the power to impose probation terms and conditions is left up to the judge's discretion. Whether you have been convicted of assault, battery, theft, domestic violence, or drug crimes, you must take your probation seriously.

In a misdemeanor case, you could be held to any one of the following requirements:

  • pay a mandatory fine
  • abide by a restraining order
  • refrain from using drugs or drinking alcohol
  • possible drug treatment classes
  • install an ignition interlock system in your vehicle (if your offense was DUI-related)
  • must allow the police to search your home or person at any time
  • attend mandatory therapy
  • perform a certain amount of community service hours
  • abide by all other standard state or federal laws

If you are convicted of a felony probation, you can be sentenced to count prison or jail. Unfortunately, the judge could send you back for the maximum term.

Are you looking for a lawyer for probation violations in Orange County? The judge can decide on the punishment if you are pronounced guilty at your probation violation hearing. All probation violations are punished harshly due to existing criminal history.

When deciding your punishment, the judge will consider your criminal history, the severity of the violation, and the length of your probationary sentence.


When you are released or allowed to serve your sentence on probation, you must work diligently to abide by all the terms and conditions the judge has set forth.

Our firm has handled countless probation violation cases, and these cases are commonly brought forth due to one of the following:

  • They failed to pay the mandatory fine or court-ordered restitution.
  • They failed to appear on the day of their scheduled court date.
  • They failed to abide by the terms of a court order.
  • They failed to report to their probation officer regularly.
  • They failed or refused to take the required drug test.
  • They committed a new and subsequent crime.

Consequences of a Probation Violation

Consequences of probation violation

Violating probation can lead to severe consequences, potentially more serious than the original sentence. The court has broad discretion in deciding what happens next, which could include extending probation, adding stricter conditions, revoking probation, and imposing jail time.

Potential Penalties and Legal Outcomes

When someone violates their probation, the court may consider several penalties. These can range from a warning for minor violations to revocation of probation for more severe or repeated violations. The judge might also decide to increase the probation period, impose additional fines, or require participation in community service or rehabilitation programs.

In cases of serious violations, the court could order the person to serve the original jail sentence that probation had initially replaced.

If probation is revoked, the individual may be required to serve the remaining time of their original sentence in jail or prison. The specifics of the penalties largely depend on the violation's nature, the individual's history of compliance, and any mitigating circumstances presented by the defense.

Courts also consider the original crime's severity when determining the outcome of a probation violation. Legal representation is critical in these situations to mitigate the consequences as much as possible.

The Importance of Addressing Violations Promptly

Addressing the accusation immediately is important if you're accused of violating probation. Ignoring the situation or delaying action can be perceived as a lack of responsibility or acknowledgment of the violation, potentially leading to harsher penalties.

Promptly consulting with an attorney can help you understand the charges against you and prepare a defense. An early response may also provide more options for resolving the violation in a way that minimizes its impact.

Legal Strategies for Defending Against Probation Violations

  • Demonstrate lack of intent or misunderstanding. The violation might be due to a misunderstanding of the probation terms or an unintentional mistake. In this case, presenting evidence to support this can be an effective defense strategy. Your attorney can argue that there was no willful disregard for the probation conditions.
  • Show compliance with most conditions. Highlighting your compliance with other probation terms can help mitigate the situation. We can show you all the required meetings, paid fines, and completed community service. These actions demonstrate your overall commitment to rehabilitation. They may persuade the court to impose less severe penalties.
  • Provide evidence of unavoidable circumstances. Some external factors beyond your control may have contributed to the violation. These include a medical emergency or unforeseen family obligation. Showing evidence of these circumstances can be a powerful defense. This approach relies on demonstrating that you made every effort to comply with probation despite challenging circumstances.
  • Negotiate for alternative penalties. Your attorney may negotiate with the prosecution for alternative penalties for rehabilitation rather than punishment. These may include additional counseling or treatment programs. This option can be particularly effective if the violation involves substance abuse or mental health issues.
  • Challenge the evidence of violation. Sometimes, the evidence presented against you may need to be stronger or more accurate. Your lawyer can challenge the evidence's validity and question the credibility of witnesses. We can present conflicting evidence that puts the accusation into question.

Steps To Follow After an Accusation of a Probation Violation

Steps to follow after an accusation of a probation violation
  1. Contact your probation officer. Discuss the accusation with your probation officer to understand the specifics and express your intention to address the issue.
  2. Consult with a probation violation attorney. An experienced attorney can provide legal advice tailored to your situation and begin developing a defense strategy.
  3. Gather documentation and evidence. Collect any documents or evidence that support your case or explain the circumstances leading to the alleged violation.
  4. Avoid further violations. Make every effort to comply with all other terms of your probation to demonstrate your commitment to following the court's orders.
  5. Prepare for the hearing. Work with your attorney to prepare your testimony and defense for the probation violation hearing.
  6. Consider remedial actions. If appropriate, take remedial actions such as enrolling in additional counseling or treatment programs to show your commitment to rehabilitation.
  7. Attend all scheduled court dates. It is essential to be present and punctual for court proceedings, in addition to demonstrating due regard for the court's procedures.

The Role of a Probation Violation Attorney

A probation violation attorney plays a critical role in defending against accusations of probation violations. They provide expert legal advice, represent you in court, and work to minimize the consequences of the violation.

An experienced attorney understands the complexities of the legal system and can navigate the proceedings effectively, presenting a strong defense on your behalf.

Contact Our Orange County Probation Violation Attorney for a Case Consultation

Contact our Orange County probation violation attorney for a case consultation

Need a lawyer for a probation violation case in Orange County? At the Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers, we defend against austere crimes daily. This is all we do, and we are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused in Southern California.

If you or someone you know is facing probation violation charges, then your freedom is once again at risk, and you could end up spending the remainder of your sentence in a county jail or a state prison.

Our firm has a record of success with past clients, and we will do all we can to help you achieve a positive outcome in your case. An assertive criminal defense lawyer can protect you against the prosecution at the probation violation hearing, so consult an attorney as soon as possible.

Are you facing a probation violation? Take immediate legal action. Contact the Law Office of Frances Prizzia today for your free consultation!

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