Orange County Robbery Attorney

Orange County robbery attorney

Robbery is a serious crime that has harsh penalties if you are convicted. A conviction could change your life forever, making it hard to secure a job, find housing, and maintain personal and professional relationships.

At Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers, we understand the severity of robbery charges and the impact they can have on your life. As a leading law firm in Orange County, our dedicated team provides unmatched legal representation.

With years of experience and a proven track record, we strive to protect our client's rights and freedoms. Learn more about robbery charges below, and contact us for a free consultation.

Our Orange County Robbery Attorney Defends Your Rights

Our Orange County robbery attorney defends your rights

Robbery or theft crimes come with severe consequences if convicted. If you have prior convictions, then the stakes are even higher.

Even if you think the facts of the case are on your side, you must ensure the law is on your side. That is our job as your criminal defense team. We will evaluate all aspects of your case and form the strongest possible defense.

A prosecutor in California evaluates many elements in a robbery or criminal charge. These include the intent to commit theft, whether by force or fear and taking property from another individual.

Remember that other factors might play a role in your case, such as whether controlled substances played a role in the robbery. Each element must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, so a strong defense is important. It is our job to cast reasonable doubt in the jury's minds.

The State Is Cracking Down on Robbery

Authorities in the area are cracking down on retail crime. In early 2024, state law enforcement officials made 636 arrests and recovered 216,754 stolen goods, estimated at $5.7 million.

Since last year, arrests have been up by 167%. This shows how seriously the state treats theft crimes and robbery, so you can expect the punishment to be severe. This underscores the importance of having a strong criminal defense team in your corner.

The Necessity of Hiring a Robbery Defense Attorney

You must have legal representation to avoid facing an uphill battle. To ensure you have the strongest possible defense, you need an experienced robbery defense attorney. An experienced Orange County criminal defense attorney analyzes the evidence first. We identify the weak areas in the prosecution's case to develop a defense plan.

At Frances Prizzia, our criminal defense lawyer will assist you throughout the process. Our legal team will defend you using our intimate knowledge of the California penal code. We fight for your rights using this set of statutes and lean on every aspect of the law to defend your rights. We handle all types of cases, from petty theft crime to robbery and burglary charges.

A criminal defense attorney will give you someone to trust and receive advice from. When discussing past or current criminal charges with your attorney, it's important to be honest and thorough.

Having a criminal record could change your life forever. The sooner you call us, the easier it will be for us to control the narrative of your case. Do not delay your defense. Contact us today.

Know Your Rights

Remember that you have the right to a criminal defense attorney. When interacting with the police, assert this right and exercise your right to remain silent.

Law enforcement must inform you of these rights if you are arrested, and it is our job to help you avoid self-incrimination. Being aware of your rights can impact the outcome of your case, so call us as soon as possible.

If law enforcement fails to inform you of your rights, any statements made during the investigation may be inadmissible in court.

Failing to provide your rights statement can weaken the prosecution's case and improve your chances of a favorable outcome. An experienced attorney can ensure you protect your rights throughout the legal process. Contact us today.

Types of Robbery Charges in Orange County

Types of robbery charges in Orange County

A county criminal defense attorney must categorize robbery charges according to different circumstances. These include armed robbery, carjacking, and home invasion robbery. Each type carries distinct legal implications and penalties.

The legal penalties for robbery in Orange County depend on the nature of the charge. Throughout California, there are two kinds of robbery charges, both felonies:

  • First-degree robbery can involve stealing from an inhabited home, a person using an ATM, or a driver or passenger of a vehicle.
  • If none of the above requirements are met, the charge will be second-degree robbery.

First-degree robbery could result in a three- to nine-year jail sentence, while second-degree robbery carries a sentence of two, three, or five years. In addition, the use of a firearm or causing harm during a robbery or assault can lead to a more serious charge or other enhanced penalties.

Fines, Imprisonment, Probation, and Other Penalties

An Orange County criminal could face hefty fines, probation, and other penalties for a robbery charge. Fines can reach up to $10,000 plus penalty assessments, making an already difficult situation even more challenging.

In the state of California, probationary terms can include strict conditions. These can include regular check-ins with a probation officer and adherence to specific lifestyle restrictions. Additional penalties may involve mandatory counseling, community service, and restitution to the victim.

Common Defense Strategies for Robbery Charges

Defending robbery cases in Orange County requires a comprehensive understanding of the law. We understand each case is unique, as do our clients. We use our expertise to pinpoint specific circumstances that will help your case.

Courtroom Advocacy During Your Trial

Effective courtroom advocacy is important in securing a positive outcome during trial. At Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers, we defend our client's rights in court.

Our attorneys are experts at cross-examining witnesses in Orange County. We work hard to find compelling evidence that will be persuasive to the jury. Clients have a right to a fair trial and the best possible defense.

Alibi, Lack of Intent, Mistaken Identity, and Violation of Rights

  • Alibi: Providing evidence that you were elsewhere during the alleged robbery can be a strong defense. Some examples are witness testimonies, video footage, or other documentation. They can support your alibi and challenge the prosecution's claims.
  • Lack of intent: This may involve proving that the alleged act was a misunderstanding or that intention or willful cause occurred.
  • Mistaken identity: Eyewitnesses may incorrectly identify the suspect, leading to wrongful charges. An attorney can challenge the reliability of such identifications.
  • Violation of rights: If the police violate your rights during your arrest or investigation, charges against you may lead to a case being dismissed.

What to Expect During a Robbery Trial

What to expect during a robbery trial

Knowing the process can ease the uncertainty of a robbery trial. Even though your conduct is at test in court, and you may feel guilty due to the anticipation of jail time, you can trust us to fight and advocate for your case dismissal.

Trial Phases and Defendant Expectations

  • Jury selection: The trial starts with selecting a jury from a pool of potential jurors. The defense and prosecution can question and dismiss certain jurors to ensure a fair and impartial jury.
  • Opening statements: After jury selection, the trial moves to opening statements. The prosecution outlines their case against the defendant, and the defense provides an overview of their defense strategy.
  • Presentation of evidence: The prosecution presents its evidence first, aiming to prove the defendant's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. The defense then presents its evidence to counter the prosecution's claims.
  • Cross-examination: Both sides can cross-examine witnesses to challenge their credibility and the accuracy of their testimony. This phase is essential for highlighting inconsistencies and weaknesses in the prosecution's case.
  • Closing arguments: The trial concludes with closing arguments, where both sides summarize their cases and attempt to persuade the jury of their position. Finally, the jury deliberates, and a verdict is reached based on the evidence presented.

Potential Outcomes of Robbery Cases

The outcome of a robbery case will heavily depend on evidence and the defense's strength. Possible outcomes include dismissals, plea deals, verdicts, and alternative sentencing options, each with different implications for the defendant.

Dismissals, Plea Deals, Verdicts, and Sentencing Alternatives

  • Dismissals: A case dismissal can occur if the prosecution's evidence is insufficient or if there were violations of the defendant's rights. We will push to dismiss your charges if we feel the prosecution has a weak case.
  • Plea deals: Plea deals involve the defendant admitting guilt in exchange for a reduced sentence. A plea deal is an option if you want to prevent the risks of a trial. In all criminal cases, you must weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a plea deal. You may have to admit guilt to a lesser charge, but you could avoid the worst punishments of a conviction at trial.
  • Trial: A trial can result in a guilty or not guilty verdict. We form the strongest possible defense during a trial and ensure your voice is heard. In some cases, a hung jury can lead to a mistrial.
  • Sentencing alternatives: In some cases, alternative sentencing options such as probation, community service, or rehabilitation programs may be available. These alternatives can help avoid incarceration and provide a path to rehabilitation.

Criminal Defense Expertise from a Successful Firm

Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers has record of successfully defending clients against robbery charges. With extensive experience in criminal defense, we possess nuanced knowledge of the California penal code and use this to defend your rights.

Keeping up with current legal developments and using cutting-edge defense strategies helps us protect our clients' rights. Our free consultations provide insight into what will happen next and better prepare you to defend your case.

Our Personalized Commitment to Client Defense

We believe in a personalized approach to legal defense, ensuring clients receive the attention and support they deserve. From the initial consultation to the final resolution of your case, we are with you every step of the way.

Our attorneys take the time to understand your situation, answer your questions, and develop a defense strategy that aligns with your goals. At Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers, your defense is our priority.

Let Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers Fight for You!

Let Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers fights for you

Going through a robbery charge can be overwhelming, but you don't have to figure out how to fight these charges alone. Frances Prizzia Criminal Defense Lawyers is here to provide the guidance and support you need.

We defend our clients against charges of all types, including domestic violence, sex crimes (including sexual assault), and theft crimes. If you have a criminal case in Southern California, contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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