There are numerous warrants that can be levied onto individuals to either arrest them or obtain information or evidence they may possess. If you are suspected of a crime, a prosecutor can ask a judge to approve an arrest or a search and seizure of your personal property.

The most common warrants that are issued include:
  • Arrest warrant-an order is sent to officials to arrest you on site
  • Bench warrant - this is an order for your arrest because you failed to appear in court
  • Search and seizure warrant - officials are given legal permission to search your home, car and other personal areas for information that could verify a criminal act

Many warrants are wrapped around poor logical and little evidence. Our firm can defend you and your rights in these cases. If you have been arrested or notified that warrant has been issued to you then you must seek the legal representation of an Orange County criminal defense lawyer.

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There is a very specific set of procedures and protocol that must be followed for a warrant to be issued. If any of these protocols are broken or if your rights have been violated in any way, it may result in a dropped case. Enforcement officers may neglect to inform you what the warrant is for or properly read you the rights you are entitled to. Our firm can investigate all of the evidence to establish a clear defense for you. If there are any anomalies in any paperwork or procedure our legal team will catch them and pursue the ones we deem worthy.

Need an attorney for a warrant case in Orange County? We take a very compassionate approach to criminal defense. The pressure you may be under is indescribable and we want to help in any way possible. We will relieve you of any legal burden you may have by taking action on your behalf.Our law firm can defend you in court and will provide you with the best chance of success.

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Need an attorney for a trespassing case in Irvine? Trespassing is when you enter another individual's home or property without the owner's permission or you refuse to leave another individual's land, home, or private property after being told to leave. In trespassing cases related to domestic violence, the charges usually pertain to individuals who refuse to leave a property. Not many people realize that refusing to leave a private property falls under trespassing. If you have been charged with trespassing, it is very important that you contact an Orange County criminal defense attorney without delay. The sooner you take legal action the more likely it will be that your charges get dropped or your punishments reduced.


Most individuals do not take trespassing charges as seriously as they should. California is different than other states in that trespassing can be filed as infractions, misdemeanors, or felonies. A felony trespassing charge brings with it heavy fines and prison time.

If convicted of a misdemeanor trespassing offense, individuals could face any of the following penalties:
  • A number of days in a county jail
  • Up to $1,000 in fines, probation
  • Community service
  • Restraining orders

Once convicted, offenders have to bear the burden of a criminal record. Having a criminal record will severely limit your chances of getting a good job, advancing your career, and qualifying for housing or bank loans.


Looking for a lawyer for your trespassing case in Orange County? At the Law Office of Frances Prizzia, we take trespassing charges very seriously. We've seen how detrimental a misdemeanor conviction can be on an individual's life. Our firm will work closely with you to fight these charges and will seek to have them dismissed or reduced to an infraction. As an infraction, your offense will not go on your criminal record. If negotiating proves unsuccessful we will not hesitate to take your case to trial to seek a "not guilty" verdict. Your future is too important to have it marred by a criminal record.

Contact an Orange County criminal defense attorney if you have been charged with trespassing. We care about our clients and do everything possible to help them pursue the best possible case outcome.



Being accused of a serious traffic offense can result in expensive fines, higher insurance premiums, removal of your driver’s license, and jail or prison time. You need to prioritize your future and driving privilege by teaming up with an Orange County traffic offense attorney who knows what they are doing. At the Law Office of Frances Prizzia, we stand up for drivers who have been ticketed or arrested for a serious misdemeanor or felony traffic offense. Using our years of experience in criminal law, we can challenge any case the prosecution brings against you.

Why should you choose Attorney Frances Prizzia for your defense?
  • More than a decade of legal experience
  • Chosen among “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by National Trial Lawyers
  • History of impressive defense case results
  • Fluent in English, Spanish, and Tagalog

When the state wants to take away your driving privilege, come to us for all the defense you need. We know that without your driving privilege, your entire life can be disrupted, from education and occupation to personal matters. Not to mention the devastating effect a misdemeanor or felony conviction on your record can have on all facets of your life. We fight with a genuine sense of urgency to reflect to seriousness of your situation.

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A traffic citation issues for things like parking in a red zone or not fully stopping at a stop sign are a pain, but they aren’t exactly legal crises. Our law firm has focused our efforts on the defense of drivers who are facing more dire circumstances, such as misdemeanor and felony charges related to a traffic violation. This direction has further increased our determination and efficiency, allowing us to best represent our clients.

Some common traffic offenses we can defend include:
  • Hit and run: Being involved in a traffic collision and leaving the scene before you can be positively identified by others, or before providing current insurance information.
  • Excessive speeding: Driving in excess of 100 miles per hour on any road or highway in California. If an accident is caused while driving at such a high speed, you could also be charged with attempted manslaughter.
  • Reckless driving: Any driving behavior that you should reasonably understand to put yourself and others in immediate danger, like weaving between lanes while speeding, street racing, or drifting around corners.
  • Driving without insurance: If you drive without current insurance coverage, you could be fined hundreds of dollars. Charges can escalate if you are also involved in a crash without insurance.
  • Driving with a suspended license: It is a misdemeanor at minimum for driving with an inactive or suspended license in California, resulting in jail time and fines if convicted.
  • Operating a vehicle while under the influence of a drug or alcohol: Driving under the influence (DUI) charges are one of the most common and most serious brought against drivers in Orange County and the rest of Southern California.


There is no such thing as an indefensible criminal charge or traffic offense. With the guidance and representation of our Orange County traffic offense attorney, you can challenge any misdemeanor or felony charge brought against you, no matter what evidence the prosecution claims to have gathered for its case. Given our extensive history and record of winning case results, we are confident we can help you secure an optimal outcome for your own case, be it a charge reduction, case dismissal, or acquittal.

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Are you facing a probation violation? Probation is considered to be a time where the court is testing you and supervising your behavior to see if you act as a law abiding citizen. During this time, you will be held to strict rules and regulations and if you fail to meet the terms and conditions that they set forth, then they may be able to revoke the probation part of your sentence. This means that you could spend the remainder of your sentence incarcerated.

Many different misdemeanor and felony crimes lead to a probationary sentence, which is a privilege that is not given to all convicted offenders. Many times judges will opt to have offenders serve out probation that serve another year in jail or prison, as long as the individual abides by the rules. If you have been accused of violating your probation, you will be required to attend a probation revocation hearing. In order to win over the judge at your hearing, you will need the assistance of an Orange County criminal defense attorney from our firm.

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In the state of California, defendants who are convicted of violent crimes such as rape, burglarykidnapping or murder, will not be eligible to be placed on probation. When someone is permitted to serve misdemeanor probation, then they are not required to meet with a probation officer.

Rather, you could be asked to have periodic progress reports where you appear in court to check in. In the majority of misdemeanor cases, probation lasts anywhere from 1-3 year, five years in more severe cases. Every criminal case is different because the power to impose probation terms and conditions is left up to the discretion of the judge.

In a misdemeanor case, you could be held to any one of the following requirements:
  • Pay a mandatory fine
  • Abide by a restraining order
  • Refrain from using drugs or drinking alcohol
  • Possible drug treatment classes
  • Install an ignition interlock system in your vehicle (if your offense was DUI related)
  • Must allow the police to search your home or person at any time
  • Attend mandatory therapy
  • Perform a certain amount of community service hours
  • Abide by all other standard state or federal laws

With felony probation cases, you are automatically sent to state prison if you are convicted of a probation violation. The unfortunate part is that the judge could decide to send you back for the maximum term. Progress reports are also considered mandatory when it comes to felony cases.

Looking for a lawyer for probation violations in Orange County? If you are pronounced guilty at your probation violation hearing, then the judge can decide on the particular punishment. All probation violations are punished harshly due to existing criminal history. When deciding your punishment, the judge will consider your criminal history, the severity of the violation and how long your probationary sentence was.


When you are released or allowed to serve out your sentence on probation, you must work diligently to abide by all the terms and conditions that the judge has set forth.

Our firm has handled countless probation violation cases and these cases are commonly brought forth due to one of the following:
  • They failed to pay the mandatory fine or court ordered restitution
  • They failed to appear on the day of their scheduled court date
  • They failed to abide by the terms of a court order
  • They failed to report to their probation officer on a regular basis
  • They failed or refused to take the required drug test
  • They committed a new and subsequent crime


Need a lawyer for a probation violation case in Orange County? Here at the Law Office of Frances Prizzia, we defend against austere crimes on a daily basis. This is all we do and we are dedicated to protecting the rights of the accused in Southern California. If you or someone you know is facing probation violation charges, then your freedom is once again at risk and you could end up spending the remainder of your sentence in a county jail or a state prison.

Our firm has a record of success with past clients and we will do all we can to help you obtain a positive outcome in your case. It is vital that you have an assertive criminal defense lawyer to protect you against the prosecution at the probation violation hearing. So consult with an attorney as soon as possible.

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Recently, the voters of California passed a ballot initiative called Proposition 47. The goal of Proposition 47 is to reduce the severe overcrowding of our state's prisons. In order to do this, Prop 47 changes some minor, non-violent criminal offenses from felonies to misdemeanors, which affects the sentences for these offenses.

The maximum adjusted sentence for a nonviolent crime is now only one year. Additionally, this new law applies retroactively, so people who are currently serving a prison sentence relating to a crime affected by Prop 47 can petition for a new sentence. This may affect thousands of people currently in California jail, including you.


Prop 47 resentencing only pertains to non-violent offenses, and anyone with a criminal record of violent crimes will not qualify. State officials will be conducting a thorough examination of everyone who applies for resentencing to make sure there is nothing in their record that indicates they are a threat to others.

The types of offenses reclassified under prop 47 include:

There are also other types of non-violent crimes that qualify, so make sure you reach out to our firm to learn more about whether you qualify or not.


Many people are going to be applying for resentencing, and working with an Orange County criminal attorney may increase your chances of going through the process in a timely manner. At the Law Office of Frances Prizzia, we have helped numerous Californians from all walks of life. We can make sure everything about your petition is in order. Our goal is to give you the toolset to help chart a path to a brighter future.

We have received numerous accolades over the years, including:
  • 10.0 Superb rating on Avvo
  • The National Trial Lawyers' Top 100 Trial Lawyers recognition
  • Avvo Clients' Choice of Awards.

To get more information about Prop 47 and whether you can qualify for resentencing, please get in touch with our team today. We happily offer free, no-obligation consultations.

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Orange County Juvenile Crime Attorney


Need an attorney for a juvenile crime case in Orange County? Juveniles, persons under the age of 18, can run afoul of the law without considering that they could face very serious legal problems when caught. Common juvenile crimes include shoplifting, malicious mischief, underage drinking, drug possession, truancy and curfew violations. Young people can make mistakes, sometimes serious ones. The juvenile court system treats minors differently than adults in order to educate and rehabilitate a young person to become a responsible adult.

Minors can be impulsive and shouldn't be harshly judged or severely punished for errors in judgment. It is far preferable if a case against a minor is heard in juvenile court instead of being tried as an adult. An Orange County criminal defense attorney with a strong background as a public defender provides the compassionate understanding and aggressive defense your child deserves.

Has your child been arrested for a juvenile crime? Discuss their charges with us. We offer free and confidential consultations.


Minors can be accused of serious offenses which are typically thought of as adult crimes such as rape, murdermanslaughtertheft, and drug crimes. Prosecutors generally try to have serious criminal charges heard in adult court which should be fought aggressively. It is important to your child's future that every effort is made to keep the charges in the juvenile court system. We understand that you want the best for your child.

A juvenile crime defense lawyer at our firm has a thorough understanding of the juvenile court system and can fight to keep your child's case in the juvenile justice system where his or her rights will be protected. With many years of experience as a public defender working in both the juvenile and adult court system our goal is to achieve the most positive result for your child.


Children are the most vulnerable members of our society and as such deserve our support and protection. Our legal team believes that young people deserve a second chance. We investigate to gather facts and evidence the prosecution may not have and carefully prepare a defense strategy designed to protect your child's future. When your child needs an experienced and skilled Orange County criminal lawyer call Attorney Frances Prizzia.

Contact our firm for the guidance and defense you need if your child has been arrested for a crime.



Are you looking to have your previous criminal offenses taken off your record? Something like this can only be done through the expungement process with the approval of the court. Here at the Law Office of Frances Prizzia we have extensive experience with expungement cases and we can inform you the legal guidelines and requirements that must be met in order to make your goal a reality.

Our Orange County expungement attorney has a track record of success with these types of cases and we take pride in assisting clients and they start fresh with a new chapter of their lives. Our award-winning trial attorney has broad courtroom experience both on the state and federal level, and stands ready to take on your case.


When someone is convicted of a crime in California, that mark will remain on their criminal record for an indefinite period of time.

Criminal records are seen as public records and are able to be accessed by a large number of individuals including:
  • Employers
  • Landlords
  • Property Leasing Managers
  • Licensing Agencies

Keep in mind that having a felony or misdemeanor mark on your record can leave you with lasting consequences and can negatively impact your future goals and ambitions. Many times have a previous criminal offense can mean the difference when being considered for a new job or a promotion.


The expungement process is for convicted offenders who are looking to have a conviction or guilty plea stricken from their criminal record. This can only be done for defendants who have successfully met and fulfilled all terms and conditions of their probation and have filed an expungement petition. Individuals who were never placed on probation or were discharged from their probation early can also be eligible for expungement.


Our skilled Orange County criminal defense attorneys have seen first-hand how a criminal conviction can hold someone back even years down the road. Don't let a previous mark on your record keep you from pursuing your dreams for the future. Our skilled Orange County expungement lawyers have represented countless clients just like you and we are confident that together we can help you clear your criminal record. It is time to move forward with your life. Let us help you seek a fresh start through expungement. Contact us today to find out if you are eligible.

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Disturbing The Peace In Orange County

Few people anticipate that they will be arrested for making too much noise or challenging an enemy to a fight; however, these are exactly the types of actions that most often lead to an arrest for disturbing the peace. By definition, disturbing the peace is generalized as behavior which proves to be unsettling to the proper public order of things.

As such, any number of behaviors could result in criminal accusations of this nature, including:
  • Loud music
  • Fighting
  • Challenging someone to a fight
  • Insults that provoke violence
  • Offensive language

The vagueness associated with charges for disturbing the peace have not gone unnoticed; however, arrests for this type of behavior continue to be made, thus creating problematic circumstances for the courtroom judges who hear such cases. In fact, because of the problematic nature of this type of charge, it is not uncommon for the jurisdiction of a court to favor the opinion of the law enforcement officer who made the original arrest or charges. Therefore, defendants must secure effective representation as soon as possible. In essence, they must enlist the support of an Orange County criminal defense lawyer at our office.

Accused of disturbing the peace in Orange County? Call today for a free initial case evaluation: (714) 362-0157!


Not all persons who are convicted for disturbing the peace in California were originally sentenced with this charge. In fact, disturbing the peace is typically used as a plea bargaining tool among defense attorneys who are looking to reduce the sentencing that their clients currently face. Under the professional direction of a skilled legal representative, defendants who have been accused of more serious crimes could be penalized less harshly when the sentencing is dropped to charges for disturbing the peace instead. Good candidates for this type of reduction include those who have been arrested for domestic violence, lewd conduct in public, criminal threats, and / or prostitution / solicitation.

Per state law, a formal conviction for disturbance of the pace will result in no more than 90 days in jail and a $400 fine. These penalties, however, are rarely served to their maximum degree. In some cases jail time can be escaped altogether. When a defendant is looking at the significantly stiffer penalties of a domestic violence conviction or a lewd conduct conviction, however, the legal consequences for disturbing the peace could seem much more appealing. Rather than jeopardizing their reputation and professional careers, many defendants are more than willing to allow their lawyers to use disturbing the peace as negotiating tool for a lesser sentence.


Some of the most common forms of defense for these types of criminal charges include lack of intent, constitutional protection, and false accusations. In order for a conviction to be made, the prosecuting attorney must be able to prove that your disturbance was willful, malicious, and intentional. Furthermore, the prosecution will need to demonstrate that your actions were in direct violation of the U. S. Constitution. Lastly, it must be shown that the accusations that were made against you were not done so falsely.

Defending against charges for disturbing the peace requires that your criminal attorney be able to argue that any one of the above circumstances was not so. If your attorney can prove that you lacked malicious intent to disturb or that you were engaging in a constitutionally protected activity, the allegations against you will be invalidated. Furthermore, if it can be proven that you were falsely accused or wrongly arrested for your behaviors, the charges will not stand up in court.

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Criminal Defense FAQs

Criminal Defense


Have you have been caught in the criminal justice system and accused of a crime? It is essential that you have a legal representative who believes in you and your cause. At the Law Office of Frances Prizzia, we take on cases because we are committed to defending those who need it the most. In fact, we feel there is no greater obligation than protecting the rights of those who are facing criminal charges.

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In the past decade, our firm has seen important successes in a number of criminal cases. We attribute this to Attorney Prizzia's hands-on approach to defense and her unrelenting passion for representing those who are facing criminal charges. Just a few of our many acquittals, dismissals, and positive dispositions are listed below. Visit our case results page to read about even more of our legal victories.


Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our team is more than capable of defending your case in a court of law through negotiations and litigation. We will do investigative research, interview key witnesses and gather the evidence needed to support your case and slowly dismantle the prosecutor's defense. Our firm provides zealous and dedicated legal representation to clients facing all types of criminal charges.


Have you been charged with a drug crime? Whether you are facing a misdemeanor possession charge or a felony offense for sales or distribution, our attorneys can build a strong defense. We can also protect your driving privileges and your future if you've been arrested for DUI or any other traffic offense.


Perhaps you have been charged with a theft crime. From misdemeanor shoplifting to serious felonies such as robberyburglary, or carjacking, our attorney handles the full gamut of theft charges. Our successful verdicts span a wide range of theft crimes, including white collar crimes such as embezzlement and fraud.


Violent crimes are some of the worst charges you can face. If arrested for manslaughter or even murder, you need a criminal defense attorney who can give you peace of mind. Our firm has a reputation for success, even in difficult cases. No matter how serious your charges, we can strive to give best possible fighting chance.


Our expertise encompasses various other aspects of the law. If your child has been arrested for a juvenile crime, we are ready to represent them . Similarly, we can provide the defense you need when there is a warrant out against you and. Give us a call regarding any criminal matter to learn how we can provide the services you need.


We know how important it is that you have a defense lawyer who will pour all their energy into your defense, seeking out every possible option for you. When we agree to take on a client, they get the full focus and attention of our legal team. The court system in our area is extremely tough, and you'll need an Orange County criminal defense lawyer who will go the distance for you and believes in you.

When facing a criminal charge, there is no substitute for real commitment to your case. We have extensive trial experience and know how to pursue the best possible defense options for our clients. When you work with us, we will attempt to secure an optimal result for your case.

We may employ any of the following tactics to improve your odds of a favorable outcome:
  • Negotiations
  • Plea bargains
  • Litigation

In many cases, we fight for a full acquittal in court. Our lead attorney, Frances Prizzia, is a former public defender and a "true believer." When her firm takes your case, you have a talented trial lawyer who will tirelessly protect your rights and fight for every possible advantage for you from the moment we begin your defense.

Contact our office to speak with a Newport Beach criminal defense lawyer at once if you have been charged with a criminal offense. Call (714) 362-0157 today to get started!

Our criminal defense firm serves clients in Newport Beach and throughout Orange County. We also serve clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura counties.