By: Frances Prizzia | Juvenile Crimes

Summer break starts, a welcome relief for children and teens excited to begin a host of activities with their friends. This time of relaxation can help children recover from the stresses of school, but it also carries a threat. With kids out of school and many parents still at work, juvenile crime rates often increase. In order to help your child obey the law and resist peer pressure, you can practice the following five steps.

  1. Set Ground Rules. When summer break starts, sit down with your child and discuss some rules you would like them to follow. These rules can include a reasonable curfew time, as well as rules about where they are allowed to go. You can also discuss some rules about the people they hang out with. By laying ground rules right away, you can help your kids understand your expectations and help limit the opportunities they have to break the law.
  2. Understand and beware of peer pressure. Peer pressure is a major factor that can lead children and teenagers to break the law. If your children have friends who are, for instance, vandalizing property, it may be hard for them to resist the pressure to go along and participate. Therefore, it is helpful to talk with your children to determine who may be pressuring them to break the law. This can help prevent a dangerous situation.
  3. Encourage productivity. While you should allow your children to relax and recuperate from their school stress, also encourage them to be productive and practical. This means your older teenagers may get part-time jobs, and your younger children may do extra chores around the house for an allowance. Your kids could also volunteer somewhere and help someone in need. Not only can this let your children feel accomplished at something positive and useful, but it can also help them learn the value of self-sacrifice.
  4. Focus on your relationship. Strengthening your relationship with your children can help decrease their tendency to break the law. Spend time together, go to the beach together, or take a day off work if possible and do an activity you all enjoy. You can also do chores and tasks together or plan a fun event your kids can look forward to. By cultivating a positive atmosphere at home and building a comfortable relationship with your children, you can provide the support they need. If they can depend on you for encouragement, they won't need to look elsewhere.
  5. Communicate. This is the most important step to practice. It is essential to communicate honestly, clearly, and gently with your children on a daily basis. If possible, set aside time to talk over the day and discuss any issues or concerns with your kids, maybe at the dinner table. The important thing is to find a time where you and your kids have no distractions. Communicating regularly can help manage conflicts the moment they arise and strengthen your relationship with your children. Allow your kids to speak their feelings and thoughts, and listen to them.

By following these guidelines, you can be the support and encouragement your children need. If your children cannot come to you for advice and support, they will often turn to peers or others. These people may, however, lead your kids down the wrong path, ending up in a juvenile arrest and possible conviction.

If your child has been arrested and charged with a juvenile crime, the Newport Beach criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Frances Prizzia can help. Attorney Prizzia has guided many clients through the stressful process of juvenile court, and she can uphold your child's rights as you seek a favorable outcome.

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