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For the last four weeks, I have been intending to write about DACA and Donald Trump's attacks on the policy that the Obama administration instituted seeking to balance our desire to enforce immigration policy with our humanity. But I have not been able to because I cannot figure out where he stands. At first I thought maybe, with so many tragedies and disasters fatiguing my desire to have any idea what is going on in the world, I had misunderstood, then misunderstood again where the Trump administration was going, but it was not me who was confused, it was our buffoon of a President.

Throughout his campaign, Trump ranted and raved to ravenous crowds of racists (great alliteration, huh?) who frothed at the mouth and exulted every time their Dear Leader referred to Obama's unforgivable "amnesty," which he would shut down just as he began construction on his great wall.

Trump made good on his promise on September 5 by rescinding the Executive Order that made DACA possible.

Then, in an abrupt and completely unexpected turn of 180 degree turn, Trump announced in mid-September that he was eager to work with Democrats to save DACA, which he would absolutely not refer to as amnesty, asking, "does anybody really want to throw out good, educated and accomplished young people who have jobs, some serving in the military" merely because their parents brought them here illegally?

He met with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi who seemed optimistic that Trump's change of heart was legitimate and that deal would be reached to save the almost 700,000 humans who otherwise would be relegated to a purgatory of living in the only country they'd ever known in undocumented status or returning to their parents' homelands that they had never known as their own. An agreement was reached in principle that would create better border security while protecting the Dreamers from deportation.

Then, well, you probably know what happened then. The above mentioned racists LOST. THEIR. GOD. DAMNED. MINDS.

Breitbart named him "Amnesty Don."

Ann Coulter asked, "at this point, who DOESN'T want Trump impeached?"

Trump trumped it and did another about face, now demanding concessions from Democrats so broad he knew they would never be accepted, thus ending (at least as I write this) any real hope that the initial deal reached will hold up.

The man is an imbecile who cannot make up his mind about much because he does not understand much, but this one should be easy.

58% of Americans oppose deporting Dreamers. It is an easy political choice that would show that you are not, as it might seem, a heartless bigot appealing to America's worst racist instincts, but a practical President seeking to balance the realities of the situation you inherited against the difficult demands of crafting a sustainable and sensible immigration policy. That is what a smart President would do. That is what a human being with a heart would do. Donald Trump is neither, so who knows what he will do.

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