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Types of Criminal Cases We Handle

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Have you have been caught in the criminal justice

system and accused of a crime? It is essential that you have a legal representative who believes in you and your cause. At the Law Office of Frances Prizzia, we take on cases because we are committed to defending those who need it the most. In fact, we feel there is no greater obligation than protecting the rights of those who are facing criminal charges.

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Read about Our Past Criminal Case Victories

In the past decade, our firm has seen important successes in a number of criminal cases. We attribute this to Attorney Prizzia's hands-on approach to defense and her unrelenting passion for representing those who are facing criminal charges. Just a few of our many acquittals, dismissals, and positive dispositions are listed below. Visit our case results page to read about even more of our legal victories.

  • Not Guilty Verdict – DUI case 0.25 Blood Alcohol Level (BAC): the client admitted to driving the vehicle

  • DMV Hearing Win – A DUI case with 0.20 Blood Alcohol Level

  • Not Guilty Verdict – Assault and Battery: Charges dropped even after hearing eyewitness testimony

  • Not Guilty Verdict – Four counts of forgery with 2 victims: Case closed and charges dropped within 20 minutes, even after the client's own confession

  • Not Guilty Verdict – DUI with Injury: Client had a previous felony strike on record and was on probation

Criminal Defense Cases We Handle

Whether you are facing misdemeanor or felony charges, our team is more than capable of defending your case in a court of law through negotiations and litigation. We will do investigative research, interview key witnesses and gather the evidence needed to support your case and slowly dismantle the prosecutor's defense. Our firm provides zealous and dedicated legal representation to clients facing all types of criminal charges.

Drug Crimes, DUI & Traffic Offenses

Have you been charged with a drug crime? Whether you are facing a misdemeanor possession charge or a felony offense for sales or distribution, our attorneys can build a strong defense. We can also protect your driving privileges and your future if you've been arrested for DUI or any other traffic offense.

Experienced Theft Crime Defense

Perhaps you have been charged with a theft crime. From misdemeanor shoplifting to serious felonies such as robbery, burglary, or carjacking, our attorney handles the full gamut of theft charges. Our successful verdicts span a wide range of theft crimes, including white collar crimes such as embezzlement and fraud.

Relentless Defense against Violent Crime Charges

Violent crimes are some of the worst charges you can face. If arrested for manslaughter or even murder, you need a criminal defense attorney who can give you peace of mind. Our firm has a reputation for success, even in difficult cases. No matter how serious your charges, we can strive to give best possible fighting chance.

Other Criminal Defense Matters

Our expertise encompasses various other aspects of the law. If your child has been arrested for a juvenile crime, we are ready to represent them . Similarly, we can provide the defense you need when there is a warrant out against you and. Give us a call regarding any criminal matter to learn how we can provide the services you need.

Looking for a Criminal Defense Attorney in Irvine?

We know how important it is that you have a defense lawyer who will pour all their energy into your defense, seeking out every possible option for you. When we agree to take on a client, they get the full focus and attention of our legal team. The court system in our area is extremely tough, and you'll need an Orange County criminal defense lawyer who will go the distance for you and believes in you.

When facing a criminal charge, there is no substitute for real commitment to your case. We have extensive trial experience and know how to pursue the best possible defense options for our clients. When you work with us, we will attempt to secure an optimal result for your case.

We may employ any of the following tactics to improve your odds of a favorable outcome:

  • Negotiations
  • Plea bargains
  • Litigation

In many cases, we fight for a full acquittal in court. Our lead attorney, Frances Prizzia, is a former public defender and a "true believer." When her firm takes your case, you have a talented trial lawyer who will tirelessly protect your rights and fight for every possible advantage for you from the moment we begin your defense.

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Our criminal defense firm serves clients in Newport Beach and throughout Orange County. We also serve clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, and Ventura counties.

Track Record of Success

Take a Look at Our Most Recent Victories
  • Case Won DMV hearing win on a 0.20 blood alcohol level in a DUI case
  • Case Dropped to Misdemeanor DUI With Injuries
  • Not Guilty Not Guilty in 20 minutes on 4 counts of forgery on 2 different victims, even with a client's own confession!
  • Not Guilty Not Guilty verdict after only 30 minutes of jury deliberation in a vandalism case
  • Not Guilty Not Guilty verdict in an assault and battery case even after eyewitness testimony!
  • Not Guilty Not Guilty verdict in DUI 0.25 Blood Alcohol Level (BAC)
  • Not Guilty Not Guilty verdict on DUI with injuries, where client had a strike prior and was on felony probation!
  • Dismissed Probation Termination - People v. Gustavo C.
  • Dismissed Dismissed - People v. Richard R.
  • Dismissed Dismissed - Impersonating a Peace Officer

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