California Marijuana Laws: Cultivation and Possession

While the recreational use of marijuana has been decriminalized in a number of different states in recent years, it is still illegal to possess or cultivate marijuana in the state of California. Marijuana is considered a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance under the California Uniform Controlled Substances Act and is highly regulated by the government. Despite the legalization of the drug for medicinal use and the decriminalization of possessing less than 28 grams of marijuana under the Compassionate Use Act, being caught in control of more than 28 grams of marijuana without a valid prescription can expose a person to serious legal consequences. It is imperative for those who are charged with any sort of marijuana offense to retain the services of an aggressive legal team as soon as possible to protect their freedom and reputation.

Penalties for Marijuana Possession in CA

A person charged with possession of marijuana in California can face a number of different consequences if convicted. Penalties will vary depending on the amount of drug found in a person's possession at the time of their arrest, whether or not the arrest took place in the vicinity of a school, whether or not they intended to sell, and whether or not they have prior offenses on their record.

Possessing more than 28.5 grams of marijuana can bring the following penalties:

  • Up to six months in jail
  • Fines up to $500
  • Probation
  • Possible driver's license suspension

A conviction of possessing concentrated cannabis or hashish in any amount can bring up to one year in prison and fines up to $500.

Penalties for Marijuana Cultivation in CA

Cultivation marijuana for personal use or for sale is a much more serious offense. If convicted of cultivation of marijuana, a person can face a felony record and up to 36 months in state prison. Any vehicles or property used for growing or transporting marijuana can be seized by the police and permanently forfeited. Since cultivation charges are often paired with possession with intent to distribute charges, these penalties can easily double.

Skilled Marijuana Defense Lawyer in Orange County

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